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The story is set in the backdrop of a jail, with music at its core. Walls might muffle them but cages only reverberate them louder. Situated deep in the heartland of India, within the by-lanes of Lucknow is story of a man who had something to say. Or should we say sing.
When an innocent man aspiring to be a musician is framed for committing a murder, he decides to form a music band with his co-prisoners for a competition, but his real intention seems to be different.
He wants to be the part the band no music and rock shown in the movie it's about Lucknow jail and prison break but at the end it's fully bollywood movie and being a good man.
Very disappointed of what I thought. Who the hell will not escape, if there is 200% chance to escape. <br/><br/>Songs made the movie sick. Lot of songs running in the background. Don&#39;t know weather to concentrate in song or movie. No seriousness in the movie. All characters did their part as they were in hurry to finish the movie.<br/><br/>I was excited for the movie but what I got was huge disappointment. Thought something new story and they showed as garbage. I want my life&#39;s 2 hours back. Don&#39;t go for this crap. Not recommended at all.

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